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First Timer’s Guide to Staying At A Bed and Breakfast

When you stay at a bed and breakfast (B&B) for the first time you may not know what to expect since the experience is very different than that of a hotel, vacation rental, or Airbnb. However, from romance to deluxe bedding to an unmatched ambiance, the unique experience is often what beckons travelers to bed and breakfasts in the first place. Whether you are a faithful Airbnb lodger or have a Gold Elite status with Marriott Hotels, everyone should enjoy the perks of staying with a B&B at least once.


Walking into a bed and breakfast is like walking into an old friends’ home. The experience is not as hectic as the busy lobby of a hotel or as quiet as an empty vacation rental or Airbnb. Instead, you will find an inviting space and likely a few treats. After a quick greeting with your innkeeper, off to your room you go.

Guest Rooms

Decor at a bed and breakfast is a surprise every time since each innkeeper has a specific taste. While some will draw inspiration from the surrounding area others might focus on the latest trends. In fact, when it comes to decor, the only thing bed and breakfasts have in common is that they are each distinct. One thing that is common across B&Bs: many innkeepers go above and beyond to make guests comfortable by providing deluxe bedding and plenty of toiletries.

Waking Up

Similar to checking-in to a bed and breakfast, waking up in a bed and breakfast is quite peaceful. After a restful night in a comfy bed, you will not have to wake up to the sound of loud chattering or children playing. Innkeepers go above and beyond to make sure everyone works together to keep a peaceful morning environment.


A home-cooked breakfast inspired by local cuisine is one of the greatest perks of waking up in a B&B. Despite all the yumminess that awaits them, sometimes first-timers are intimidated at the thought of eating breakfast with strangers. But, the idea that guests must eat breakfast together is a misconception. Many modern bed and breakfasts have several dining tables or dining areas so that each guest can eat in their preferred setting.

Tip on Etiquette: Since most bed and breakfasts can only accommodate a small number of people, it’s important to let your innkeeper know if you plan to skip breakfast so they don’t make extra food that goes to waste. Be on time.


It is no secret that bed and breakfasts are romantic. Right now you might be thinking, “If it’s no secret then why to bother adding it to this first timer’s guide?” Although that is a valid question, the easy answer is that we just like to brag! Bed and breakfasts are more intimate, quaint, and often times more luxe (at an affordable price) than other accommodations.

Note: To turn the romance on high, ask your innkeeper if they offer bottle service, spa packages, or flowers and chocolate.


One major misconception among bed and breakfasts is that they have curfews. This myth may come from years ago when homeowners would rent out one or two of their rooms for travelers. However, in the 21st century, innkeepers know they are running a business where their guests need to feel comfortable. While some bed and breakfasts may lock-up at a certain time, many of them have digital keypad locks that guests can use after ‘curfew’. Additionally, a lot of modern bed and breakfasts have rooms with separate entrances.

Ready to book your first (or next) experience at a bed and breakfast in St. Augustine, Florida? All that’s left to do is to find the perfect B&B for you! Start planning your next trip HERE.

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