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Dance the Night Away in St. Augustine

Dancing the night away in St. Augustine is always an option whether you're planning a fun activity for the weekend or a special occasion like Valentine's Day. Below you'll find a list of a few places where dancing is the main focal point. Grab your dancing partner(s) and your best dancing shoes and head to the Historic District for a night of dancing in St. Augustine.

Centro Restaurant & Piano Bar

"We are the first destination for wedding after parties, bachelor parties, or a group of friends out on the town." – Centro Restaurant & Piano Bar

Where: This restaurant/bar is in the Historic District on the corner of King Street and Aviles Street (the oldest street in the USA), as well as just steps away from many of our Historic Inns.

Types of Music: On an average Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night you'll find that the walls of Centro Restaurant & Piano Bar come alive with Latin music, DJ hit lists, reggae-ton, jazz, and a few other genres of music made for dancing. Musicians that play here have an array of skills and many of them play an instrument such as the keyboard, piano, drum, saxophone, trumpet.

Hot tip: On Valentine's Day, the Centro Restaurant & Piano Bar often has live musicians playing a long list of classical love songs. Be sure to reserve a table ahead of time as their prime location, great music, and delicious menu often keeps them booked!
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Prohibition Kitchen

"Sashay in and let your senses be seduced. Let chef Bradford's seasonally inspired techniques using local ingredients put the exclamation point on your rendezvous back in time... experience the Prohibition Kitchen." – Prohibition Kitchen

Where: Located on St. George Street, Prohibition Kitchen is in the very heart of the Historic District and steps away from Our Historic Inns. St. George Street is a pedestrian-only street and also a focal point of the Historic District, making Prohibition Kitchen a fantastic location to sit, eat, play, and stay!

Types of Music: From reggae-ton to jazzy tunes to famous artists like Matisyahu, Prohibition Kitchen's live music lineup is one of the most fantastic in St. Augustine. Boasting both national headliners and local gems, you never know quite know what you'll walk into (unless you check out their Music Calendar), but one thing is for sure, it's dance floor and great tunes make it one of the best places to dance in St. Augustine.

Hot tip: There are no shortages of flapper dresses, feathers, scarves, sequins, sparkles, bow ties, vests, top hats, pinstripes, or cigars streamlining through the doors of Prohibition Kitchen. Although you won't look out of place in a pair of jeans and shirt, you also won't look out of place in your best 1920's costume so dress as glamorous as you please.
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Prohibition Kitchen

Trade Winds Lounge

"Featuring Those Guys, Spanky, Lisa and the Madhatters, and Blistur – cats that complete the evolution from our early days as folk lounge to our current mix of the best music – rock'n'roll, blues, and a little country." – Trade Winds Lounge

Where: In every sense of the word, Trade Winds Lounge is truly a locals' dive. Located in the Historic District, this bar is just a few steps from the bayfront, Plaza de la Constitucion, as well as our Historic Inns.

Type of Music: Locally famous artists - playing your favorite classics to their own original hits - are often the star of the live music lineup at Tradewinds Lounge. Music ranges from country to rock n' roll to country and is paired with classic and electric guitars and drums.

Hot Tip: If you have long hair and don't care, if you ride a motorcycle, or if you just love to rock out to great tunes, then consider yourself a local and make your way to Tradewinds Lounge for the perfect place to dance the night away in St. Augustine.
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