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Each year, the St. Augustine Historic Inns band together to celebrate the holidays in their own unique way. Dressed in their holiday best, the Historic Inns host an annual and highly anticipated Bed and Breakfast Holiday Tour. The holiday tour takes place in the Historic District which - by this time - is adorned in millions of twinkling lights for Nights of Lights. Just like Christmas, the event is only held once a year and the tour-goers are showered in treats and holiday spirit.

While there are many bed and breakfast tours scattered throughout famous cities in the United States, none are quite like St. Augustine's Bed and Breakfast Holiday Tour. As many of you know, St. Augustine's claim to fame is being the Nation's Oldest City and more accurately, the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement in the United States. With this title comes more perks than just a catchy synonymous nick name.

During the 1880s, wealthy residents and visitors began constructing buildings with elements of Spanish architecture to honor the original settlers that were of Spanish descent. Spanish architecture, glorious buildings, quaintness, and European flare make St. Augustine like no other holiday destination in this country. During the Bed and Breakfast Holiday Tour, the exquisite taste of our predecessor's pairs perfectly with the historic elegance of the inns and both can be admired simultaneously. So, if you've always wanted to wander through a true winter wonderland, this event is your best chance.

The Bed and Breakfast Holiday Tour is a great way to set the tone of your holiday.

During the Bed and Breakfast Holiday Tour, attendees embark on a self-guided walking tour of the Historic Inns in downtown St. Augustine. Each year the tour has a designated theme in which the Historic Inns decorate in accordance to. In past years, a few themes have been Coastal Christmas, Silver Jubilee, Christmas through the Years, and Movies of Christmas. While each inn is tastefully decked out in holiday attire, attendees may feast their eyes on the common places of the inns. Additionally, there is always at least one room - specially reserved from booking - included in the tour.

Have you ever wanted a taste of St. Augustine?

Along the tour, guests are also showered in treats at each bed and breakfast. In the true sense of the word, these treats include hors d'oeuvres, entree and dessert samples, as well as wine and liquor tastings from St. Augustine's top restaurants. To give you a better idea of the type of samples each inn will have, here is a list of some of the restaurants that have participated in the past: the St. Augustine Distillery, Michael's, Florida Cracker Cafe, Harry's Seafood, Chocolattes, Taberna Del Caballo, Brunch Cafe, Black Fly Restaurant, San Sebastian Winery, MOJO BBQ, O.C. White's, and the Reef. In the same way that walking to each location and exploring inn provides great insight into what it's like to lodge in the Historic District, sampling plates from the city's best restaurants provides wonderful insight into the food culture of the area.

Have you ever wondered about St. Augustine's heritage and history?

In recent years, the Bed and Breakfast Holiday Tour has become increasingly popular. As a result, the tour has expanded to include some of the area's best museums. While each museum is topically different, they all cover significant periods of St. Augustine's history, culture, or art. Just like sampling the area's best food gives you a taste of St. Augustine, exploring the museums included in the tour gives attendees a better understanding of the city's history. 
Each year, the schedule for the Bed and Breakfast Holiday Tour may look a little different. In recent years, the schedule has been similar to the following: Saturday guests explore the inns located on the north side of town; Sunday guests explore the inns located on the south side of town; Monday guests explore the partnering museums.
Although this is a self-guided walking tour, the St. Augustine Historic Inns do provide an Old Town Trolley for guests who may have a harder time getting around. The space is limited on the trolley, so guests are asked to use it at their discretion. The trolley will have a special route along the tour, stopping at convenient locations that are near many Inns. However, the trolley does not stop at each Inn, there is some walking involved.

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Enjoy the best parts of St. Augustine! Join us on this holiday adventure where you'll embark on a journey to explore the elegant Historic Inns of St. Augustine; enjoy the different tastes of our city and learn about our history!

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