8 Incredible Ways Vacationers Can Support St. Augustine

Coronavirus has hit many local businesses hard, all over the country, forcing them to close their doors during quarantine. However, now that quarantines are being lifted, these local businesses can open up again, and happily welcome customers to shop their wares. When you shop at our local stores and visit our local attractions, you'll gain fun memories and find unique souvenirs to remember your vacation by. You're also supporting St. Augustine's economy, small business owners, and their families. You are making it possible to keep St. Augustine a wonderfully worthy travel destination. Here are eight ways vacationers can support St. Augustine:

Tour Our Beautiful Cobblestone Streets

During your next visit to St. Augustine, enjoy a fun, easy-going afternoon shopping the unique boutiques and stores that line our cobblestone pathways. Here you can find everything, from antiques to knick-knacks, books and music, clothing, gifts, and so much more. There's a little something for everyone in these shops, and everyone in the family is sure to have a good time perusing everything our local businesses have to offer.

Bring Home Unique, Quality Souvenirs

It's hard not to bring at least one thing home from your travels! When you shop at local businesses in St. Augustine, you'll find that these businesses are run by people, not a board of managers who only focus on numbers. You'll see a different kind of care and quality in their products. A lot of the things you'll find here are intricately handmade and high-quality. These people put their every effort into making their products great because their work is a reflection of themselves. These small businesses focus on all the little details and give their customers products that are the finest they can possibly be.

When shopping in St. Augustine, you can find everything from beautiful, handwoven dresses, to intricate tablecloths, stunning jewelry, one-of-a-kind artwork, and so much more. There's never a shortage of creativity in this old city. When you shop at our local businesses during your vacation, you're helping these craftsmen to continue doing the things they love and providing people with beautiful products that are indeed pieces of art.


Support Local Recreational Businesses

St. Augustine has more than just shopping to offer its visitors. This old city has tons of recreational activities that are fun for all ages. If you're looking to spend the day out on the water, why not support one of our local fishing charters? Local businesses, such as Action Kayak Adventures, offer eco-tours, fishing, and kayaking tours through the historic waterways of St. Augustine.

If you'd rather stay on the dry side, try your hand at mini-golf! You're sure to have a barrel-full of fun at Anastasia Miniature Golf, who has been offering fun family adventures on their 18-hole golf course for nearly 30 years.

Tour the Town

Not only is St. Augustine a beautiful city, but it's also full of rich culture and history. Tour guides offer deep insight into facts and legends that make St. Augustine the amazing vacation destination it is today. Whether you're riding a trolley through downtown St. Augustine, taking a trot around the city in a horse-drawn carriage, or sailing the waterways on one of our boat tours, you're sure to have a memorable experience.
Seafood restaurant in Historic St. Augustine

Treat Your Taste Buds

St. Augustine has a plethora of excellent restaurants that offer the best selections of cuisine in all of Northeast Florida. We have everything from fine dining, to small bistros, pubs, bars, cafes, waterfront terraces, and more. When dining at these restaurants, not only will you be treating your taste buds to some of the finest food, you'll also be supporting the local economy, allowing these places to remain open and continue offering new and amazing foods.

And if you have kids, don't worry! There are plenty of fantastic, casual restaurants that offer delicious foods and memorable experiences for every age. 

Support the Arts

If you're a lover of music and arts, look no further than St. Augustine. There are many art galleries you can explore, as well as theaters, festivals, and live music. While there are periodic events that offer a variety of music and arts to explore, you'll also find restaurants and bars filled with music to enjoy while you dine. St. Augustine truly has a closely-knit art community.

By perusing art venues, viewing amazing theatrical performances, and grooving to the beat, you can support our local artists, allowing them to continue creating new and unique artwork and music for everyone to enjoy.


Go on a Family-Fun Adventure

Looking for something fun to do with the kids? St. Augustine has a ton of family-friendly attractions! You can climb to the top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse and learn about its history. Is it really haunted? Maybe you'll experience something mysterious while exploring the oldest brick structure in the city. Or, spend the day visiting the Alligator Farm, Marineland Dolphin Conservation & Research Center, Potter's Wax Museum, or the Fountain of Youth!

You don't have to shop til you drop in order to support our local businesses. You can have fun and memorable experiences as well! By visiting places such as these, not only will you get a rich learning experience, you'll be supporting the local economy, allowing these places to keep their staff employed and services open to the public.

Supporting Local Businesses is Supporting the Community

Many of the small business owners here are an essential part of the St. Augustine community. They recognize the way their decisions impact those around them and tend to be more involved in the community. Some sponsor local schools' sports teams, participate in local charity events, donate to the local homeless shelter, and contribute to non-profit organizations. By supporting our local businesses, you're allowing our community to grow and thrive.
People Walking on Aviles Street in St. Augustine
Local businesses make up the heart of our community. We'd love for you to stay with us, explore, dine, shop, and support our Old City on your next vacation!