Your Top Bed & Breakfast Inn Questions Answered

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Over the years we’ve found that many of the same questions keep popping up about Bed and Breakfast Inns. We’d like to take a little time here to answer the top 15 or so questions that we’ve heard. We hope that this will help you to decide what kind of Bed and Breakfast Inn in St. Augustine is for you.

  1. What is a Bed And Breakfast Inn?
    Every bed and breakfast inn is different. Basically, a Bed and Breakfast inn is a small lodging establishment that provides breakfast. If you go through our inns you will find that we have everything from a larger inn like the Bayfront Marin House with 15 rooms to At Journey’s End with just 5 rooms. The wonderful thing about a Bed and Breakfast Inn is that you can go to the website of that inn and pick out a room that appeals to your tastes.
  2. Will we have our own bathroom?
    We hear this one often. The answer is most likely. It is very rare not a days to be sharing a bathroom, but it does happen from time to time. Be sure to call the Bed and Breakfast inn that you are interested in to be sure. You will also find this information on the website for the Bed and Breakfast Inn that you are interested in or on our availability page. CLICK HERE Check the listing for each room and you will see the bathroom amenities listed.

    Victorian House

    Victorian House

  3. Do we have to eat breakfast with people we don’t know?
    Many of our Bed and Breakfast Inns will leave this choice up to you. Some like the Saragossa Inn offers a three-course gourmet brunch and you can select your seating time and if you’d like to dine alone. Each Bed and Breakfast Inn is different so be sure to check their website or call the inn that you are interested it for exact policies.
  4. I have food allergies. What do I do?
    Many of our Bed and Breakfast Inns will accommodate you. Just call and speak with your innkeeper prior to booking your room.
  5. Do I have to bring my own towels and sheets?
    No, you don’t. You are not at summer camp. A St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast Inn is more like staying at the home of a friend or family member. Everything that you need is here. If you have any specific questions about something that you’ll need, be sure to call and speak with your innkeeper.

    Saragossa Inn

  6. What about Internet Access?
    Almost all of our Historic Bed and Breakfast Inns have free WiFi in each room. If there is not WiFi in your room, it is usually accessible from the main sitting room area. Again, check with your innkeeper before booking your room.
  7. Will my room be air-conditioned?
    Yes, all of our Historic Bed and Breakfast Inns have air-conditioning.
  8. Is there a curfew? Can I get back in my room if it’s really late?
    There is no curfew. This is not your parent’s house. You will have access to room and to the Bed and Breakfast at all times.
  9. Will I have any privacy at a Bed and Breakfast Inn?
    Yes, you will. Most of our St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast Inns are extremely private and offer so much more than a hotel. Check with your innkeeper prior to booking your room to find out about private breakfast in your room or other special amenities that may be available to you.
  10. Are children and/or pets allowed?
    Check with the Bed and Breakfast Inn. There are some that allow well-behaved children of a certain age or well-behaved pets. You’ll need to check the website or call the innkeepers to find out about each Historic Bed and Breakfast Inn.
  11. We’re looking for a Romantic Weekend Getaway. Is a Bed and Breakfast Inn good for that?
    Oh my, yes! It’s the perfect place. Your innkeeper can set up a horse and carriage ride to pick you up right at the Inn. Or you might want a couples massage in your room. They can set that up as well. Need more romantic ideas? Talk to the innkeeper. They have the inside scoop on all things Romantic in St Augustine. You can’t go wrong on that one.
  12. We want to see everything in St Augustine. Where do we start?
    Our innkeepers know about everything going on in the city. Check our website or ask your innkeeper to get you started.
  13. We want to get married in St. Augustine. Can your Bed and Breakfast Inn help with arrangements?
    Many of our Bed and Breakfast Inns specialize in weddings and wedding arrangements. Check their websites or call the innkeepers for more information on what they can do to help you plan the perfect St. Augustine wedding.
  14. Is smoking allowed?
    Check with each Bed and Breakfast inn as there are different policies at each Historic Bed and Breakfast Inn.
  15. Can we rent the entire Bed and Breakfast for our group?
    Just call and ask. This happens often for weddings and reunions. You’ll find your innkeeper more than helpful when it comes to large groups.
  16. Where do we park?
    Each Bed and Breakfast Inn either has parking or can steer you to the most convenient parking. The nice thing about St. Augustine is that once you park your car, you may not have to move it for your entire stay. Check with your innkeeper to find out if parking is included with your room.

We hope that we answered most of your questions about a bed and breakfast inn here. If you still have questions, be sure to check our Availabilities Page and feel free to call and talk with any of our innkeepers. The will be glad to answer your questions and help you to have a most enjoyable relaxing vacation or romantic weekend getaway here in Saint Augustine.

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