St. Augustine’s Top 10 Out of the Way Shops

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The shopping in St. Augustine is incredibly diverse. The “Old Town” area of St. Augustine has many shops, restaurants, bars and snack places. It’s very easy to find all of the unique shops along St. George Street, but have you taken the time to wander the side streets and nooks and crannies of the city? We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite “off the beaten path” shops in Old St. Augustine. All of the Historic Inns in St. Augustine are very close to the wide array of shops and we hope that this list will just get you started looking at all that the city as to offer. Our list below is in no particular order, but these are our top 10 picks. If you haven’t made your reservation at one of our inns, be sure to click here to check availability now.

Let’s start up to the North of the city and we’ll work our way to the South.

Faux Paws

4 St George Street. Yes, it may have a St. George Street address but Faux Paws is located in the little courtyard just to the south of Orange Street and to the west of St. George Street. This wonderful little shop has all things for your pets. You’ll find collars, bumper stickers and cute statues of your favorite breed as well as some unique items that you won’t find any place else in St. Augustine. Be sure to ask about your favorite if you don’t see it. They are always happy to help with anything that you are looking for. As you leave Faux Paws, take the time to check out some of the wonderful clothing, shoe and gift shops in the courtyard. You can even find a fine cigar for that special gift at Stogies Cigar Shop also located in the courtyard.

As you leave this little courtyard walking back toward St. George Street, turn to the right and then look for the next little walkway to the right. Down this street you’ll find a photo shop and sunglasses, but if you make your way toward the back of this wonderful shopping area you’ll find The Pearl Shop.

The Pearl Shop

14 St. George Street. Again, this shop is really not on St. George Street.  This wonderful shop has beautiful handmade pearl jewelry. Are you looking for a gift a bride, bridesmaid for your St. Augustine Wedding? This shop will help you to design a wonderful gift that you can’t get anywhere else. With excellent quality and great prices, you’ll find a great gift for that special occasion.

Now, let’s get you off of St. George Street. When you are finished shopping in this group of shops, you’ll again head south on St. George Street to Cuna Street and turn Left.

Starving Artist

Starving Artists

28 Cuna Street. This wonderfully unique shop has art and jewelry from some of St. Augustine’s most talented local artisans. You can find everything here from wall hangings, paintings, crafts, jewelry and so much more. Talk to the owners of this fascinating collection of some of the best local talent to find out more about the artist and other items that they have available. You’ll not be disappointed here.

Now we are turning the other direction on Cuna Street and heading toward the West. Just as you reach Spanish Street you’ll be heading South. But before you go to our next shop be sure that you go straight on Cuna Street to Pop N Off Gourmet Popcorn. This is by far, the best popcorn that you’ve ever had. They will let you try anything before you buy. Be sure to have a taste. Now on to the Gifted Gourmet! Head south on Spanish Street and you’ll see the Gifted Gourmet on your right.

The Gifted Gourmet
58 Spanish Street. Are you looking for a gift for that foodie on your list? This is the perfect stop for you. Here you will find some of the most incredibly fun and useful items and they all have to do with food! They have the most delicious coffee and a wonderful array of cheese. You’ve heard of wine tastings, but what about “Cheese Tastings?” Walk to the back of the shop to see their fantastic selection of cheeses from around the world then get a Cheese Tasting Platter for a snack while you are out on your shopping spree. You can sit out on the porch and as you savor the wonderful cheeses. Guests at any of the St. Augustine Historic Inns get a discount here. Be sure to ask your innkeeper about the discount. Now on to another wonderful shop that the foodie will love. Head south on Spanish Street to Hypolita and turn right.  On the left side of the street you’ll see the Spice & Tea Exchange.  

The Spice and Tea Exchange

59 Hypolita Street. As you open the door you’ll be bombarded with the most wonderful smells. The owner of the shop, Colleen Messner or one of her smiling employees will greet you as you enter. This shops boasts all types of wonderful salts, culinary herbs and spices and teas from around the world. They also have blends and rubs that the mix right there in house. Many of St. Augustine’s own chefs come to Colleen to get spices and blends for their dishes. Be sure to lift the lids and smell everything.  They even have the best catnip for your little friend at home. Guests at any of the St. Augustine Historic Inns get a discount here. Be sure to ask your innkeeper about the discount. Now we’re just going across the street.

The Gifted Cork

64 Hypolita Street. Sister to the Gifted Gourmet, the Gifted Cork has wonderful wines and wine gifts. Check with them for the monthly wine specials and try some of the specials with their daily wine tasting. It’s a great price and you keep the glass as a souvenir. The gift selection is wonderful and you’ll find some very unique items. Guests at any of the St. Augustine Historic Inns get a discount here and gift items. Be sure to ask your innkeeper about the discount.

Now for another out of the way spot… head east on Hypolita, past St. George Street, and look to the right.

Your Photos on Canvas

Did you take some incredible pictures of the fort or your family at the beach? This is a fantastic souvenir of your stay in St. Augustine. Take your photo to “Your Photos on Canvas” and have them transform your photo into a piece of art for your home. This is a fantastic way to take St. Augustine back home with you.

Now for a little heat for your visit. Head East on Hypolita to Charlotte Street. Turn right and go to the next street. On your way, you’ll pass a couple more of our out of the way shops. Pop in and check them out, too. Now when you make it to Treasury Street turn right.

Hot Stuff Mon

Looking for Hot Sauces? This is the place for you. Chanel, the owner is fantastic and knows everything about hot sauces. Ask to try on of the Datil pepper sauces. Datil is indigenous to the area and has a great flavor. Have a question? Chanel can answer it. She knows all about the different sauces.

Let’s head a little farther South. Head west on Treasury to St. George St. and turn to the left. You’ll pass over two street to the south side of King Street and head west. There are great shops on this street as well as the one that you’ll stop at next.

Ancient Olive

This olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting room is fantastic. Taste all and ask for help with pairings. You’ll love what they can come up for you. A great way to get your taste buds dancing.

For the chocolate lover… the last stop is for you. Exit the Ancient Olive and turn left. You’ll cross over two streets to the west side of Granada Street. Claude's Chocolate is in the same building as The Market on Granada.

Claudes Chocolate

Arguably the best chocolate in St. Augustine. Those of you here on a romantic weekend getaway should stop by for a taste and maybe a box of these homemade chocolates. Claude's Chocolate makes gourmet Belgian chocolate by hand in Historic St. Augustine, Florida.

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