St. Augustine’s Most Haunted Bed & Breakfast Inns

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So, you are coming to St. Augustine and want to be sure that you are staying at one of our most haunted Bed & Breakfast Inns. With Halloween right around the corner we thought that this would be a great time for you to find the right one for you. Each inn has a story and many have had overnight paranormal investigations that they can tell you about

First let us answer some questions:

  1. DSC04962Why is St. Augustine so haunted?
    St. Augustine is reportedly one of the most haunted cities in the United States behind New Orleans and Savannah. Since we are the oldest continuously inhabited city in the country, it makes sense that we are quite haunted.
  2. Will we see a ghost?
    Each experience is different. From items moving around in your room, to noises and the occasional apparition being seen it really just depends on the spirit. We can’t guarantee anything.
  3. Where did the ghost come from?
    We like to say that there’s almost 450 years of pirate invasions, conflict with other nations and disease that there are just a few that have died here. Some love this area as much as we do, so they just like to hang around. Some of the inns know the history and who is haunting the inn. Others have had over night paranormal investigations done and can give you that information. We’ll go over some here.
  4. Are you sure my B&B is not haunted?
    If the Bed and Breakfast Inn says that they are not haunted, then they most likely are not. Your innkeeper is there continuously and would really know if there was anything. So, not to worry if you want a B&B that is not haunted. To be honest, most of the haunting that happens in the ones that are listed below are only in a couple of the rooms. There are non-haunted rooms available at each inn.
  5. How do I make a reservation?
    A. Right here: Click here for Availability!


Known Haunted Bed and Breakfast Inns

St Francis Inn – Some believe that the ghost of a young house servant haunts St. Francis Inn. She has become know as “Lily” and strange happenings reported in one third floor Inn room lead to it being named “Lily’s Room”. The story is told there that a young man lived with his uncle that owned the building at the time. This young man fell in love with the young black servant girl, Lily, a beautiful slave woman from Barbados. The lovers would sneak into the rooms of the house to carry on this secret love affair until they were caught by his uncle. Lily was dismissed and the young man ordered never to see her again. The nephew, deeply depressed, killed himself and Lily is seen at the inn looking for her lover. Many other things happen at the St. Francis Inn. You’ll need to stay there to experience them for yourself. Most reported activity is on the third floor. The Innkeeper says that if you are not interested in a “haunted room” then you will be safe on the first or second floors.


Casa de Solana – This inn takes its name from the original owner, Don Manuel Lorenzo Solana, a member of one of the city’s first Spanish families. He was 23 years old when the British claimed St. Augustine in 1763 and was one of only eight men (all Mounted Dragoons of the Spanish Army) permitted to remain in St. Augustine after the British took over. He built a tabby house on the property that year and soon after married London-born Protestant Mary Mitchell (with whom he had 2 children). Not recognized by the Catholic Church, that marriage later dissipated. With his second wife, Menorcan Mary Mastres, he fathered 11 more Solanas! Their house was well known to offer haven to Native Americans, injured soldiers, and any traveler in need of respite. Despite the harshness of the times, the Solana Family did persevere, clinging to the love. Over the years, common reports from guests and staff have included hearing whispers, seeing shadows, items disappearing, gentle touches, footsteps, etc. There are 5 “hot spots” at this inn — the courtyard; the parlor (previously the Confederate Room); the dining room; the Montejurra Room; and the British Suite. This is a great Bed and Breakfast to start your “Haunted Honeymoon” if you so wish.


Casa de Sueños – The ghost in this charming bed and breakfast is named Randolph. He likes to move things around in a playful sort of manner – whenever something goes missing, the staff just asks Randolph to put it back and eventually it shows up again. Guests and paranormal investigators that have been to the inn say that the spirits that live here are happy and content. The building itself was a funeral home at one time. When you stay here ask the owner, Kathleen about how Randolph helped her to unpack a box or two.


Casablanca – The ghost in this beautiful bed and breakfast is said to be a past owner. A woman owned the building as a boarding house in the 1920s. This was during prohibition and bootleggers and rum runners would cruise the coast selling their wares to happy customers from Miami to Mayport. She made it a point to give discounts to the G-men that were coming into town looking for illegal liquor. This very smart woman earned money two ways. First she helped the bootleggers and rum runners by selling their liquor to her guests, but she also made money by warning them when the G-men were in town by going to the widows walk on the top of her building and waving a lantern. She is still seen today by boats out on the bay and also tourist in the town. She’s very peaceful and kind, well.. except when she feels like playing a bit a joke on you. Things that happen in the B&B range from lights going on and off to music in a room with nobody staying in it to items being moved about the room.

The Kenwood Inn – This inn is located in one of the oldest parts of the city. It’s reported to have a couple of ghosts but the most popular one is Raymond. Raymond is a bit of a trickster. He loves to play practical jokes and may even tuck you into bed. Could this Raymond be one of the original owners Raymond LaBorde? Another of the other-worldly residents is Lavender. You may catch a whiff of per sweet perfume while you are visiting with the Kenwood, even if you don’t stay in her room. Lavender was seeing a prominent Dr. in town when she passed away. She may still be waiting for him. She’s been known to caress the cheek of male visitors to her room. Check with the innkeeper. They may know of even more visitors to their inn. The spirits that dwell in the Kenwood Inn seem to be happy and peaceful and just like playing a prank or two on those that stay at the Kenwood with them.


You do not have to worry if you would rather not to stay at one of our haunted inns. With 24 of St. Augustine’s wonderful inns as members of St. Augustine Historic Inns you have 19 without ghosts to check out as well. We look forward to welcoming you here in St. Augustine!

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