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Reading About These St. Augustine Food Events Will Make You Hungry

Datil Pepper Festival

Image contains jars of jam, pickled vegetables, and other items in jars.

When: This event normally takes place on the first weekend of October. Check the event’s website for this year’s dates.

About: St. Auggie’s and frequenters of the city know the significance of the datil pepper; but, it isn’t unusual for newcomers to have never heard of it. The peppers are very hot and are cultivated throughout the United States but the majority of them are grown in St. Augustine. Although never confirmed, rumor has it that the pepper first touched down in the United States after being brought over by Menorcan denture workers in the late 18th century.

As for the Datil Pepper Festival, attendees will be pleased with the spread of unique datil products which vary from pickled peppers to pepper jelly to datil crabcakes. Each year, the event features a datil-based cook-off and products, plants, and decor for purchasing.

Great Chowder Debate

When: This event takes place on the first Sunday in November, at the Conch House.

About: For chowder that is chowdah this world, look no further than the longstanding St. Augustine food event, the Great Chowder Debate. Since first commencing in 1984, the debate has worked its way to being the longest-running chowder championships in the country. Believe it or not, it features over 2,000 gallons of chowder and 5,000 patrons. All sorts of restaurants are encouraged to enter their chowder, although many are wary to compete against veterans of the debate. Many times, local eateries take part in the fun, so you’re sure to see some familiar names such as O.C. Whites, Meehan’s, A1A Ale Works, Sunset Grille, and Purple Olive. In 2018, crowned categories included Minorcan Chowder, Minorcan Conch Chowder, New England Clam Chowder, Seafood Chowder, and Non-Seafood Chowder. One thing is for sure, if you arrive hungrily, you’ll leave tranquilly.

Lions Seafood Festival

Image contains a skillet over fire with shrimp, mussels, rice and spices.

When: The next Lions Seafood Festival is March 22-24, 2019. Normally, it takes place on the first weekend of March. Check the event’s website for up-to-date information.

About:  Seafood lovers, grab your shucking knives and lobster crackers for a St. Augustine food event you won’t soon forget. As advertised, we promise there will be lobster corn dogs. Other notable goodies include paella, conch salad, grilled octopus, lobster nachos, crab bisque, alligator skewers, blackened fish, shrimp tacos and so much more. Don’t worry if not everyone in your party likes seafood, there is also a plethora of choices for them such as chicken tenders, cheese curds, pizza, subs and beyond. Check out last years menu here.

Rhythm & Ribs

Image contains pork, tomatoes, and peppers on a plate.

When: This event normally takes place on the first weekend in April. Check the event’s website for up-to-date details and information.

About: Rhythm & Ribs is a highly anticipated Spring event in St. Augustine. Blooming jasmine and cool spring breezes mix perfectly with a unique lineup of live music paired with award-winning BBQ from seven regional and national BBQ champions. One thing we might suggest? Bring extra wet naps, you’re going to want to get your hands on these ribs.

SAIRA Food & Wine

When: This event normally takes place on the first or second Sunday in October. Check the event’s website for up-to-date details and information.

About: SAIRA (St. Augustine Independent Restaurant Association) is a local organization made up of independently owned restaurants. Each year, they host the SAIRA Food and Wine festival to raise money for a local charity. The festival features food selections from the city’s best restaurants and more than 100 wines from around the world. Roam the festival and enjoy tasting wines, appetizers, salads, main courses, and desserts.

Taste of St. Augustine

When: This event normally takes place on the fourth Saturday of April. Check the event’s website for up-to-date details and information.

About: St. Augustine is vastly known as a place to please your taste buds, and once a year, everything you love about the Nation’s Oldest City’s food scene is served on a platter for all to try. The family-friendly outdoor festival features a plethora of local cuisine. Attendees can sample delicious plates and cast their vote based on which they liked the most. A team of professionals then determine the winners of several categories; Best Ethnic, Best Dessert, Best Beverage, Best Upscale, and Best Family.

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