St. Augustine’s Favorite Tour is Back – Coastal Christmas

Indulge in all that St. Augustine has to offer during the Historic Inn Holiday tour! It is a five day event that combines the yummiest food and exquisite inn’s of the Old City, via a self-guided walking tour. Each b&b joins forces with a local eatery to create holiday fun and entertainment for all!

Celebrating Christmas in St. Augustine

By this time of year, everything from the palm trees to the rooftops of downtown will be sprinkled in holiday spirit, better known as Nights of Lights. However each inn also decorates for the occasion with a unique spin depending on the theme. Naturally, this year’s theme is a Coastal Christmas. A spectacularly decorated downtown and dozens of festive b&b’s is enough to make even the Grinch grin a little…

Tour Information

Tours have sold-out so quickly in the past, that the Historic Inn’s are adding two tour options along with ten bonus properties! Below are the descriptions of each tour, all of them include the bonus properties. Tickets will be available mid-September.

Bonus Properties: Art Association Gallery, Colonial Oak Music Park, Father Miguel O’Reilly House Museum, Government House, Lightner Museum, Lincolnville Museum & Cultural Center, Oldest House Museum, Pena-Peck House Museum, Trinity Episcopal Church, Villa Zorayda Museum, Ximenez-Fatio House Museum.


The 5-day Relaxed Tour (Saturday – Wednesday): This is the ultimate tour. If you have ever experienced F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out), this is your best bet! Saturday and Sunday you have access to the entire list of participating b&b’s and restaurants. Monday – the bonus properties. Tuesday and Wednesday will give you a chance to re-visit, or catch up on b&b’s you may have missed during the weekend!

The Extended Weekend Tour (Saturday – Monday): The perfect tour for locals who need to return to work on Tuesday, or anyone with a busy week ahead. Saturday and Sunday will be spent exploring the city and its b&b’s. Monday will be spent indulging in history and beauty via bonus properties.

The Tour-Lite ( Monday – Wednesday): Ideal for anyone who will not be around during the weekend. This package is new and is geared towards helping everyone enjoy this festivity. Monday you can visit bonus properties, Tuesday and Wednesday includes a smaller list of b&b’s with limited restaurants – A.K.A. just enough fun.



This is a self-guided walking tour and your two feet will do the trick for the short distances between b&b’s. However, tickets include a tour shuttle trolley pass for Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. The trolley stops at several locations along the tour route. Old Town Trolley is offering $10 off of their full-day ticket price for Monday, December 11.  You will receive a discount coupon with your ticket.

Get Your Tour On

St. Augustine is a plethora of history, festivities, and community! Many tourists return year after year because it is impossible to see every attraction during one vacation. In fact, many of the locals have not seen all the Ancient City has to offer. The self-guided walking tour is an opportune way to experience the delicious restaurants, historic inns, art, music, and museums of St. Augustine with no hassle. Your ticket will include an extensive tour booklet and guidebooks will be at all locations and venues. The Historic Inn’s have made this event as organized as possible – so you don’t have to be! Relax in St. Augustine and don’t forget to bring your holiday spirit!

For more information and the latest updates visit the tour website.

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