Feel-Good Spas to Make You Feel Good in 2019

St. Augustine has a spa just for you!

Each New Year offers an opportunity to unwind, refresh, and relax before the hustle and bustle of the days to come. Start this year off right and join us at the St. Augustine Historic Inns. Take full advantage of our luxurious inns and idyllic spas. Whether you’re on a girls’ trip, babymoon, romantic getaway, or by yourself the following spas have options that are ideal for every individual and any occasion. From halotherapy and float tank therapy to massages and manicures, let St. Augustine spas pamper you. After all, you deserve it.

Yoga and facials and body wraps, oh my!

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City Wellness is an organic wellness center that offers solutions for stress, pain, and general discomfort. They specialize in detoxing clients from anxiety by helping them find a natural calmness. Their services range from yoga to spa services like massages, facials and body wraps. Additionally, City Wellness is widely known for its practice in acupuncture, an ancient holistic form of medicine. The truly organic method of acupuncture helps aid a few dozen health problems and City Wellness specializes in many of them. If you’re wondering if they can relieve stress or pain in your body, the answer is most likely yes. For a better idea, check out their treatments before booking an appointment.

Debbie’s Day Spa & Salon

Debbie’s Day Spa is a full-service salon that is frequented by residents and visitors alike. Not only will their therapeutic massages and facials leave you feeling recharged, but you’ll also leave feeling gorgeous as they offer medical spa skin treatments. One popular treatment is the Alpha Beta Peel which combines salicylic acid and lactic acid, leaving the skin glowing and toned. Additionally, if you’re looking for a wonderful blowout and wonderful manicure or pedicure, you’ll be delighted by the detail-oriented stylists on staff.

Happiness comes in salt water and salt cave therapy.

Image contains a person getting their head massaged.

Located just a few steps from many of the St. Augustine Historic Inns, Salt Spa St. Augustine is a common meeting place for those seeking to unwind after a long day. In fact, whether you need to unwind or not we recommend stopping by daily on your vacation or staycation for the many health benefits their services provide. One of the best features of Salt Spa St. Augustine is their salt therapy cave: a room covered from top to bottom in Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt is predominantly known for its natural healing elements which are used in therapy by professionals worldwide. The mineral is known to encourage total mind and body relaxation, as well as produce red blood cells, strengthen the digestive system and combat respiratory conditions like asthma, the flu, sinusitis, emphysema and more.

Their second-most-loved service? Float tank therapy. The float tank therapy also incorporates a thick salt-infused substance. At Salt Spa St. Augustine, float tank therapy is practiced in a pod that is 8ft x 6ft. It is known to reduce stress, release muscle tension, decompress the spine (which is great for aggravated backs), lower stress hormones, replenish neurotransmitters, and release endorphins to induce an ultra-deep relaxing state for each person. Additionally, the pod is flushed five times through with a high-tech filtration system between uses. Clients are also asked to shower before and after each therapy session.

Small indulgences that result in big rewards.Image contains a woman laying down and candles.

Essential oils, historic vibes, and a warm ambiance will greet you upon entering Small Indulgences Day Spa. The spa is split into two parts, the left portion of the building is reserved for spa rooms and appointments while the right side is a full-service salon. Start your visit with a manicure and pedicure. After check-in, relax while the friendly and professional staff takes care of you in the dimly-lit quaint building.

Don’t forget to book a few hours in the spa! Services range from Swedish and aromatherapy massages to Reiki and reflexology massages. You can also opt for a hot salt stone massage which improves circulation, reduces anxiety, reduces inflammation along with a number of other benefits. If that isn’t enough, their sea salt body wrap glow will put you at ease as it has many of the same benefits.

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