Saint Augustine’s Top Ways to Cool Off

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The hottest part of the summer is upon us. Not to worry, here in St. Augustine we get pretty warm, but not as hot as other parts of the country. We very rarely see a triple digit day like they have in Arizona. But with our humidity the warm weather can sometimes be a bit oppressive. We are here to help you keep cool while on your Florida vacation. I’m going to give you some fun and some tasty ways to keep cool this summer on your romantic vacation or that girls weekend getaway.

 St. Augustine Beach

First, let’s start with the most obvious ways to keep cool. Jump in the water. There is so much to do in the water in St Augustine that you can keep cool and have fun at the same time. Our beaches are beautiful and so inviting. Be sure when you are visiting the beach to take along your own shade. Check with your Historic Bed and Breakfast Inn to see if they have any beach umbrellas for you to borrow. If not, they are not expensive and you can get beach umbrellas from a dollar store or even the closest grocery store. The can also keep that hot sun off of you during the warmest part of the day. Jump in the ocean often. You’ll be amazed how cool it will feel even though it’s around 84˚ degrees or so. You may even find that a few of our Bed and Breakfast Inns have a pool to keep you cool.


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Are you looking for something a bit different than a dip in the ocean? How about a glide across the water? Join St. Augustine Eco Tours on one of their morning Kayak tours. On this 10:00 am tour your guide will take you under the Bridge of Lions, past the Castillo de San Marcos and into the saltwater marshes of the historic mission grounds. Since you go out before it’s too hot, it’s a great way to stay cool before you head to a wonderfully air-conditioned restaurant for your lunch. Check with your innkeeper for more information about these tours.

photo credit St. Augustine Eco Tours

photo credit St. Augustine Eco Tours

You’re probably wondering where the best places to eat in town are. We’ll give you a few to choose from. The ones that we’ll talk about today are indoors and air-conditioned. A must see on your romantic weekend or even a bachelorette weekend getaway is a lunch stop at the Café Alcazar. The café is located in the back of the Lightner Museum. The museum was originally built as the Hotel Alcazar. This was the second of Henry Flagler’s hotels. When this hotel was built it boasted an indoor swimming pool filled from an artesian well. Today there is a wonderful café in what was the deep end of this pool. The Café Alcazar has wonderful food and is a sight to be seen. And yes… it’s very well air-conditioned. Another great stop is the Floridian. Think old Florida. It’s kind of like being in your grandmothers house. The china doesn’t match but it’s all part of the charm. The food is farm to table so you get a great variety and the menu changes often. I love the Fried Green Tomato Bruschetta. Check out their menu on their website. If you’d like something a little more upscale, two of our favorites are La Pentola, which features Mediterranean cuisine or Raintree Restaurant that has a great selection of steaks, chicken and seafood.

 Cafe del Hidalgo

Okay, more cooling off is needed here. Let’s find some cool treats. The Best of St Augustine “Best Ice Cream” winner for years running is Cold Cow. The original is located south of the city but they want to make everyone happy. You can find Cold Calf in the Cates Glass parking lot on your way to the St. Augustine Lighthouse or you can find City Cow located in the parking lot of Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. My favorite is Garbage Can. Vanilla ice cream with chunks of all kinds of candy bars mixed it. Now that’s a yummy way to stay cool with your sweetie on your romantic getaway. Wait! There’s more. At the corner of Hypolita and Charlotte Streets is Hyppo. This is gourmet popsicles. The flavors here will tickle your taste buds and you’ll find yourself going back for more. Around the corner on Hypolita is Cousteau’s Waffle and Milkshakes. They shakes are fantastic. If you’d like something cold but a bit lighter, try Café del Hidalgo at the corner of Hypolita and St. George Street. Here you’ll find mouthwatering flavors of Gelato.

 J.P. Henley's

Looking for a great place for a fun drink to cool off with. Try JP Henley’s with 100 different beers on draft for a fun place to cool off on your bachelorette weekend getaway. Are you more into wine than beer? Pop into the Gifted Cork for a fun wine tasting and you even get to keep the glass. Another place to cool off is the Tini Martini Bar. In the evening when the cool breeze comes in from the ocean you can sit out on the patio as you overlook the Matanzas River and sip on one of their special martinis or specialty drinks. You might also like to try Centro Piano Bar for an exotic cocktail and some cool music making it a refreshing place to relax after a day in the city.

Photo credit The Tini Martini Bar

Photo credit The Tini Martini Bar

Those are just a few of our suggestions on how to cool off in St Augustine on your Florida vacation! If you’d like even more suggestions be sure to stop in and ask your innkeeper. They know all of the best places in town and they’ll have special discounts available for you too. We hope that you enjoy staying cool in St. Augustine.

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