How to Choose Your St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast Inn.

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Selecting the perfect St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast can be a bit overwhelming with all of the inns to choose from. We’re here to help you find just the right one for you. Here are a few things to consider that will help you choose the right St Augustine Historic Inn for you. The wonderful thing about staying at a B&B in St Augustine is that you can select the things that appeal to you and stay in a wonderful setting that will make your romantic weekend away or family reunion vacation that much more special. Taking a little more time to research your accommodation instead of booking a hotel room will make all of the difference for a very special stay. The hospitality that you will receive by staying at a Bed and Breakfast rather than a hotel is very personal. You’ll love the knowledge that the innkeeper has about all of the wonderful things to do in St Augustine and the special discounts and tips that they will have for you.


The first thing to consider is the location.

What part of Historic St. Augustine would you like to stay in? Would you like to be right in the heart of Old Town St Augustine? Or would you like to be a little farther out on a quiet street with a few blocks to walk to get to the shops on St. George Street? Do you want to be on the bay front, a quite brick lined street or close to the oldest house in St. Augustine? You can find all of these choices for Bed and Breakfast Inns in St Augustine right here on this site.

Check our availability page to find just the right area that you want to stay in.

Would you like a Large Inn or a Small Bed & Breakfast?
You can select a larger inn with 10 rooms or more or you can look for a small inn with 5 rooms. It’s up to you and the type of stay that you are after. If you have the time, we would suggest that you check the websites of the ones that you think that you’d be interested in. This will tell you what amenities are provided as well. Most will have en suite bathrooms. Some will boast whirlpool tub and others will have spa like showers. There is so much to select from, that you can just about find anything that you’d like. Then call and speak to the innkeeper to find out things like check in and check out times. When is breakfast served? Also, be sure to let the innkeeper know if you have dietary restrictions or mobility issues. This will help with making your stay the most enjoyable that it can be.


Casa de Sueños

Restrictions: Handicap accessible, pet friendly, kid friendly.

Does your selected St Augustine Bed and Breakfast have any restrictions that could affect your stay? Do you need a handicap accessible room? Are you traveling with your pet or your children? Make sure that they can accommodate everything that you need.


Many people do not take this into consideration when travelling. When you stay at a Bed and Breakfast in old St Augustine you can select the type of décor that you like as well. Some are decorated with beautiful antiques and period furnishings. Others are very contemporary. Again, check the websites and look at the rooms to find something that appeals to your tastes.


Bayfront Westcott


The amenities are incredible. You get such wonderful personalized service that you most likely will not get at a hotel and not at all in a motel. Would you like to book a carriage ride for a romantic weekend getaway? Your innkeeper can help with that. Many Bed & Breakfast Inns have free WiFi, flat screen televisions, full gourmet breakfasts, private baths – some with Jacuzzi tubs, free parking and happy hours. There are some that have private entrances, free bicycle use, beach chairs & umbrellas and full concierge service as well. Check with the St Augustine Bed & Breakfast that you’ve chosen to see what they offer.


Another thing to think about is price. There is a bed and breakfast that works for almost every budget. Many people are pleasantly surprised by how affordable it is to stay at a Bed & Breakfast in St. Augustine. The assumption is that staying at a romantic bed and breakfast or a Victorian style Bed & Breakfast is very expensive. You’ll love the great deals that you can find on many of our inns in St. Augustine.  Check our availability page for more information on prices for the different St Augustine Bed and Breakfast Inns.


You now have the idea of what you can expect. Find one of St Augustine’s wonderful Bed and Breakfast Inns to host you on your romantic weekend away, a fun girls weekend getaway or even a family reunion vacation. You’ll love the personalized service and the inside scoop that your innkeeper will provide. We look forward to seeing you here in St. Augustine.

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