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Have you ever visited St. Augustine and heard mention of the City’s ghost residents? Or, maybe you’ve watched the TV series TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) Ghost Hunters which has featured haunted St. Augustine, Florida on a few episodes? Better yet, maybe you just assume that paranormal happenings are inevitable in a city that is the site of more than 400 years of complicated history? Either way, don’t hesitate to check out these haunted inns, paranormal investigations, or offbeat spooky tours in a city with a ghost scene as unique as it’s history.

St. Augustine Haunted Historic Inns

Although you would never guess by the elegant décor, gracious rooms, and modern amenities, several of the St. Augustine Historic Inns have haunted suites. However, it’s important to know that these spirits are kind and only occupy a few rooms. The haunted rooms of the Historic Inns are worth checking out if you’re looking for an overnight paranormal experience. But remember, whether you want to be at arm’s length from spirits or in an entirely different dimension, you can count on the following Inn’s to provide you either experience.

Casablanca Inn on the Bay

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Formerly an aide to bootleggers and rum-runners during the prohibition era, the spirit of the old owner of the Casablanca is said to appear on occasion at the Inn. Friendly as can be, she is frequently spotted on top of the Inn waving a lantern, rummaging through the halls, or turning music on in vacant rooms.

Casa de Solana

One of the St. Augustine Historic Inns, a two story tan building with red doors.
Although the ghosts of the friendly spirits that reside at the Casa de Solana have never been identified, bizarre happenings in the Inn have been narrowed down to five areas: the dining room, the courtyard, the parlor, the Montejurra Room, and the British Suite. Upon visiting these parts of the haunted inn, peaceful spirits may surprise you with a whisper, a shadow, harmless touches, footsteps, and disappearing items.

Casa de Suenos

A room with a bed and nightstand inside one of the St. Augustine Historic Inns.
Randolph, a playful soul, is most commonly seen at this Historic Inn. His favorite pastime is rearranging belongings and at times even hiding them! Kathleen, the owner of the Inn can you tell you a silly story about the time Randolph helped her unpack a box.

The Kenwood Inn

The Kenwood Inn was the first licensed Inn in Historic Downtown and is over 100 years old. Legend has it, two friendly ghosts reside here. The first one is Raymond (perhaps Raymond LaBorde one of the original owners of the Inn.) Although welcoming, Raymond often tucks visitors into bed in certain rooms and harmlessly moves items around. The second of the pair is Lavender; you’ll know when she’s around because you’ll catch a whiff of her lavender perfume; she’s also known to lovingly caress the cheek of males lodging at the Inn.

St. Francis Inn

An image of a spa bathtub inside of a Historic Inn.

There are several rooms at St. Francis Inn which have been the site of ghost happenings: Lily’s Room, Anna’s Room, Elizabeth’s Suite, or Garcia Suite. Most popular of them all is perhaps Lily’s Room, named after Lily a frequent ghost of the Inn. Lily often visits Lily’s Room and beyond, in search of her long-lost love. Although friendly, Lily is also mischievous and will often turn electronics on and off, temper with the temperature of shower water, and mess with women’s cosmetics.

Other rooms (not haunted by friendly spirits) are available at each of the Historic Inns above as well.

How to Explore Haunted St. Augustine, Florida

A photo of the Castillo de San Marcos St. Augustine, Florida at night with the shadow of a dog on its surface.

Be A Paranormal Investigator for the Night

Equipped with real investigative tools, take your haunted St. Augustine experience to the next level. During GhoSt Augustine’s paranormal outings, ghost hunters are led by an expert guide and supplied with a K2 EMF meter and dowsing rods. Both tools are used to detect the presence of a spirit by communication and/or activity. After groups gear up, they learn how to spot a phenomenon and how to employ their own natural senses to help identify a genuine haunting. Next, they head to the grounds of the Castillo de San Marcos or Lighthouse Park and put their skills to the test.

Hop Aboard the Ghosts & Gravestones Haunted Trolley

Paranormal investigations and ghost huntings are fun and all, but if you’re already staying in a haunted room at one of St. Augustine Historic Inn’s, you probably have enough spirits on your plate as it is! In that case, relax during an off-beat trolley ride around haunted St. Augustine, Florida. This is a great thing to do for families looking for an educational and fun way to learn about the history of haunted areas downtown. Remember to wear comfortable shoes as there are short periods of walking involved.

Note: Due to the nature of the tour, children under 4 years of age are not permitted.

Explore Haunted Pubs

So, you’ve stayed in a haunted room at one of the Historic Inns, you’ve tested you’re ghost hunting capabilities, and you’ve even learned the history behind haunted St. Augustine, Florida. What’s next? More ghosts and boos?

Believe it or not, even a few of the downtown pubs are home to spirits. After all, ghouls just want to have fun – and so do you! We recommend that you unwind during a haunted pub crawl. This less-intense experience with GhoSt Augustine will guide you through a series of pubs where you can sip your wine or beer in a comfortable atmosphere while your guide unfolds the haunted history around you.

St. Augustine Historic Inns


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