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The Nation’s Oldest City is also often referred to as one of the most romantic. Winter beckons millions of twinkling lights hung throughout the city turning it into a winter wonderland known as the Nights of Lights. During Spring, blooming jasmine fills the city with a sweet scent. Each Summer, you can count on endless days of sunshine, refreshing ocean water, and miles of pristine beaches. Lastly, Fall always brings cool dry breezes and the perfect conditions to be outdoors. Wonderful weather year-round, horse-drawn carriages, a waterfront location, and wondrous Spanish architecture likely all contribute to its charm as a wedding venue. If you plan on getting married in the Nation’s Oldest City, then why not have a bed and breakfast wedding?

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There are endless benefits to having bed and breakfast wedding.

While the St. Augustine Historic Inns will bring a truly unique element to your wedding, elopement, or vow renewal, the perks go beyond the metrics of a beautiful backdrop. Don’t get us wrong. Authentic decor, lush gardens, and fantastic venues all contribute to the charm of a bed and breakfast wedding. However, the following benefits are the true wedding cake topper to a perfect occasion.

1. There is an onsite staff.

Onsite staff is extremely helpful within the planning stages of a wedding. Unless you’re a wedding planner in the city of St. Augustine, it’s unlikely you’ll have as vast knowledge on the topic as a guest keeper does. Your guest keeper will often have the inside scoop concerning local caterers, vendors, photographers, and even local beauticians. In fact, your favored bed and breakfast might even have an onsite caterer; especially if its a location with an attached restaurant. To top it off, it can be extremely handy on the day of your wedding or ceremony to have extra hands in the case of last minute changes and other unusual occurrences.

2. A bed and breakfast wedding cut’s down on traveling.

Perhaps the best perk of a bed and breakfast wedding is that there is significantly less traveling done throughout the course of the day. In fact, bed and breakfast weddings at the St. Augustine Historic Inns really allow for no traveling outside of the downtown area. The exchange of vows, reception, and photographs are all welcome to happen on the grounds of the bed and breakfast at your leisure. However, we do encourage the happy couple, wedding party, and guests to step outside of the grounds of the bed and breakfast for unique photo opportunities at the Castillo de San Marcos, Flagler College, and Plaza de la Constitucion.

3. It’s a great location for families, friends, and couples.

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While most bed and breakfasts are cozied in the quaint streets of popular destination-cities, the St. Augustine Historic Inns offer an especially unique and romantic location. After all, being located within the city limits of St. Augustine has perks of its own. Dozens of attractions, water activities, museums, art galleries, restaurants, and shops are just a few of the many reasons why downtown St. Augustine is a desirable place to go. In addition, the city is very walkable and shuttle-friendly so there is no problem getting around.

4. Bed and breakfast weddings are cost-effective.

While wedding venues can run anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $15,000, a bed and breakfast wedding is reasonably priced. Keep in mind, luxury expenses like hair and makeup, exotic cakes, specific decorations, and photography are not usually included in the price. However, the make-up of a bed and breakfast wedding package typically covers the necessities. This includes the cost of the room for the couple (and sometimes rooms for guests), a wedding cake, a professional non-denominational officiant or notary service, a bridal bouquet, and a groom’s boutonniere.

Planning your bed and breakfast wedding.

It’s likely that the perks above have convinced you to host your wedding, elopement, or vow renewal at a bed and breakfast. We can see why you’ve chosen this path, but maybe you’re asking yourself “Where do I start?” You can get started by browsing the list below of inns that host bed and breakfast weddings. Pick a few of your favorite and call them for more information. We can’t wait to help plan your special day!

Here is a list of St. Augustine Historic Inns which host weddings, elopements, vow renewals, and other special events: 44 Spanish StreetOld City House Inn,  63 Orange Street,  At Journey’s EndBayfront Marin,  Casablanca Inn,  Casa de SolanaCasa de Suenos,  Castle GardenCedar HouseOld Powder House,  The Saragossa,  St. Francis InnKenwood Inn,  Victorian House,  Bayfront Wescott

St. Augustine Historic Inns


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