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Everyone knows that one of the most fundamental and yet often overlooked elements of Weddings is transportation to and from the ceremony. Most grooms are expected to arrive at the Wedding site well before the ceremony, however brides typically like to arrive in style after all of their guests have arrived and been formally seated. After the ceremony, many couples like to leave their mark and ride together to the reception site; this is a great opportunity for photos. After toasts, great food, and plenty of celebrating, couples usually depart from the reception site in a hurried rush as they try to avoid getting pelted by rice or birdseed. At each transition point transportation is usually needed, and on this page we have included some Tips on Wedding transportation to aid you in finding the perfect way to arrive and depart from your big event in style.
One of the most popular means of transportation to and from Weddings is the horse drawn carriage and buggy. This romantic, old world method of transportation can fit perfectly with a romantic, old world wedding at a historic Bed and Breakfast. Easily decorated, the carriage can be fitted with tons of decorative flowers to match the rest of the theme throughout the ceremony. Buggy drivers always dress in gentlemen's clothes, and most of the carriage services in the city have a variety of costumes for couples to choose from. Also, brides who are planning a Beach Wedding might want to think about arriving to the site via horseback, as the same horses that carry a buggy are great for bareback and saddled riding.
In addition to a carriage, another method of transportation is a trolley. The same companies that offer local Trolley Tours also make their trolleys available for special events, and these enormous passenger cars are great for carrying large groups.
Lastly, the most common means of transportation used in area Weddings is a limousine. Several companies in the Old City offer limousine services for Weddings. In addition to the limousine, sometimes couples like to arrive and leave from their event in a vintage car. Some vintage cars are harder to find than others, generally though almost anything is possible to find in the state of Florida. If you do plenty of research ahead of time, you can have that special vintage car of your dreams whisk you away on your special day.
Read more about Weddings and the Inns in St Augustine right here to make your decision. We have included a wealth of information and can help you with catering, photography, music, and flowers, and all of the ins and outs of planning a Saint Augustine Wedding.

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