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Eclections Furniture Store

Since 1998.....

ECLECTIONS, INC., has been reselling clean, quality furniture and accessories. In 2001, we began buying used furniture and accessories outright.

Before any items are purchased, we schedule an appointment to see each item in it's current environment. No yard sales. No estate sales.

Our goal is to buy and sell "like-new" furniture.

Over 98% of the furniture we purchase will not require cleaning, repairs, refinishing or even vacuuming before it is purchased by our loyal customers.

We make every effort to not purchase the same item twice and we change a little or a lot each week.

From a single lamp, a select piece, to assisting in furnishing an entire residence, vacation rental, apartment, condominium or bed and breakfast, it is our pleasure to serve you.
Contact Us

904-829-6129 Email: eclections1998@gmail.com

303D Anastasia Boulevard
St. Augustine, Florida 32080