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In St. Augustine Florida there are a few Places to Scuba Dive and one scuba shop that offers a variety of Scuba Diving lessons. One of the most popular Things to Do in St Augustine, Scuba Diving is something different that you and your loved ones can try while enjoying your Beach Getaway. Learn more about Places to Scuba Dive and Seat Hunt Scuba, one of the best Scuba Shops. If you are coming to St Augustine for any type of visit and need Beach Lodging, a Bed and Breakfast is the best choice!
Seat Hunt Scuba is member of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructions) and has been serving St Augustine for more than 20 years. This neat Scuba Shop has a 6,000 square foot indoor scuba training facility which features a massive heated pool, and they offer a wide variety of great scuba classes, scuba dives, and more than 20 different levels of certification. We have listed their class schedule and what to expect from each below. Sea Hunt Scuba offers a Scuba Diving day trip to one of 120 diveable freshwater springs, sinks and clear water rivers in the North Florida region. Each spot has its own character; the waters are cool and generally crystal clear and filled with bass, brim, mullet, carp, catfish, bowfish, freshwater flounder, tarpon, all types of turtles, and even manatees can be found in these beautiful rivers and springs. In addition to the great freshwater diving spots, North Florida is home to numerous great salt water diving locations that are chock full of sea life. North Florida's limestone ledges and artificial reef drops that have accumulated over thirty years are located just 10 miles off shore and are just some of the great places that Sea Hunt Scuba provides Scuba Diving Trips.
Learn more about Things to Do like Fishing, Horseback Riding, Parasailing, Golfing, and Shopping. Each charming Bed and Breakfast that is part of our association is nearby to all of these attractions and much more. You can enjoy a fantastic Florida Beach Vacation when you visit the Old City. Learn more about the amenities of these fine accommodations.

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