St Augustine Alligator Farm

If you love animals and learning about wildlife then the Alligator Farm is one of the St Augustine Attractions that you must see! This zoological park features tons of great exhibits and is home to a great rookery. Visit the Alligator Farm Zoological Park and you will get to see more than 20 species of crocodilians, tons of different kinds of reptiles, a few mammals and lots of beautiful, exotic birds. We're sure after visiting the Alligator Farm, you will leave with plenty of pictures, tons of knowledge, and even a crocodile smile!
The most impressive and shocking exhibit at the Alligator Farm is the new Komodo Dragon exhibit. Home to numerous Komodo dragons and a Double-Wattled Cassowary, one of the world's fastest non-flying birds, this fascinating exhibit was part of a large renovation and expansion project that the Alligator Farm underwent only a few short years ago. The Cassowary is a peculiar species, known for its agility and speed on the ground, the cassowary is a strong bird that has been known to attack when provoked – which leads to its reputation as a dangerous bird. Many people enjoy watching the Cassowary walk about the reptiles in its natural habitat.
In addition to the reptile exhibits, the farm also has a bird rookery. The spring is the best time to visit the rookery at the Alligator Farm; this is the time in which the wading birds come to nest above the alligators and crocodiles. Herons, egrets, ibis, spoonbills, and wood storks all breed and raise families in the wading bird rookery inside the farm. Visit in the late spring and early summer to see nesting and small baby birds. In addition to the wading birds, the Alligator Farm Zoological Park also has a really neat African bird exhibit which houses large birds like griffon and hooded vultures, marabou storks, and cranes. Also, if you can get past the meal itself, the vulture feeding show is something interesting to watch. Again, this show is not for everyone. There are other wildlife shows every hour at the Alligator Farm.
Visit the Alligator Farm Zoological Park and see Gomek, an 18 foot long, 2,000 pound crocodile that the zoo had taxidermied; Gomek is the largest crocodile ever on display. Also, the zoo has plans to debut a new exhibit which houses a 21 foot long python! To see all that slithers and soars stop by the Alligator Farm. This and the other great Attractions are nearby to each unique and charming Bed and Breakfast. All of our B&B's are convenient to the Old City's best dining, shopping, and Things to Do. Browse information on the Castillo de San Marcos, the Legendary Fountain of Youth, swimming and training with dolphins at Marineland, and the Old Jail. We have provided only the best information to help make your Beach Vacation a success.