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Screaming Peacock Coffee

You may ask yourself why we named our company Screaming Peacock Coffee...

After years of searching for the perfect location, we found a hidden gem in the heart of historic St. Augustine near our old stomping grounds & alma mater, Flagler College. We could hear the crazy "screaming" party of peacocks at the Fountain of Youth from our roastery's front door and Screaming Peacock Coffee was hatched!

At Screaming Peacock Coffee, our goal is to offer the highest quality coffee beans roasted on the best small batch roaster in the world to extract the natural characteristics coffee drinkers love. Our coffees are available at some of the finest restaurants, cafes & tourist destinations around northeast Florida, such as the Raintree Restaurant, The Spot Cafe, and The Collector Inn.

If you prefer to take a bag of Screaming Peacock Coffee home with you? Our retail coffee bags are available at several locations around the ancient city such as:

The Fountain of Youth - 11 Magnolia Ave, St. Augustine

Chocolattes - 47 Cordova St, St. Augustine

Juniper Market - 48 San Marco Ave, St. Augustine

The Shrine Gift Shop - 101 San Marco Ave, St. Augustine

Welcome to Screaming Peacock Coffee – our coffees don't blend in – they scream out!

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Email: info@ScreamingPeacockCoffee.com