Colonial Spanish Quarter

Step back in time and learn about what life was like for St Augustine's early settlers and visit the Colonial Spanish Quarter. As one of the most famous Florida Attractions, the Colonial Spanish Quarter is more than just a heritage museum, it is a living history museum complete with costumed, period actors that work and carry out the normal daily activities of the people who lived in the Old City during the 1740s. It was during this time in St Augustine's long history that many Spanish soldiers and their families inhabited the city. The Spanish soldiers were a part of the city's main military defense that protected the Spanish colony from attacks by the British, which were common in that day. When you visit the Colonial Spanish Quarter you can catch a glimpse at what every day life was like for many of these families.
Throughout the Colonial Spanish Quarter, you can watch tradesmen and other workers go about their occupations. Visitors to the Colonial Spanish Quarter love watching the different interpretive actors work at blacksmithing, leatherworking, candle-making, and even baking as they relive the period just before the 19th century. Currently, the carpenters are building a "choza", covered work area, in the same manner in which the soldiers and their families built their 18th century buildings. Visitors can watch as they lay the thatched roof and construct the building from the natural materials found about the region in the same way that was done some 300 years before.
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