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 Johnny's Famous Fish House & Oyster Bar

It all started in the late nineties in New Orleans, Louisiana. John Meehan "Johnny" had just moved there for the first time. Being a natural foodie, he immediately became immersed in the culture, cooking and bounty of ingredients from southeast Louisiana.
One of his favorites was broiled oysters. He had two favorite places that the broiled oysters were so delectable that it became his mission to duplicate and surpass the recipe. He experimented over years until he finally mastered the process of slow cooking butter, garlic and secret spices. He cooked his oysters in the front yard on St. Charles Avenue during every Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and special gatherings of friends and family.
His broiled oysters became "Famous" and thus the name. His friends would joke when people asked them where to go in New Orleans for broiled oysters. They would say you need to go to Johnny's Oyster Bar, but it is invitation only.
Now we bring you these recipes upstairs at Meehan's Irish Pub at Johnny's "Famous" Oyster Bar. Hopefully you are visiting when Johnny is in the kitchen making Dark Roux Gumbo, Craw fish Etoufee or one of his other "Famous" dishes. Superior fresh shellfish, and all the bounties of the sea, lovingly cooked for friends and family to enjoy. 

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