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Florists & Wedding Music

Flowers, ceremony music, and reception entertainment can truly make a Wedding magical, depending on how well each are accomplished and designed. Whether your big day is truly a grand event with many guests or just a small gathering, you may want to incorporate some of these elements into your Wedding in St Augustine. Learn more about special flowers and entertainment for your big day and plan your dream Wedding here.
Flowers can be a huge part of the main event, or just a special addition to a private moment. Most brides choose a bridal bouquet that they will hold as they walk down the aisle, and others wish to have lavish flower displays with a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, and decorative flower arrangements throughout the site. Depending on budget and your style, you may want to have a large number of flowers, or a few small bouquets in certain areas. All of the local Florists will work you to design a bridal flower theme that best meets your wants, needs, and budget. Some flowers are not in season at different times, and most all of the Florists will go to great lengths to order special flowers from a spot where they are in season, or help you pick a flower that is similar that is in season. These days brides have evolved from traditional themes and most get creative with their flower arrangements; for the Florists, anything you can dream in your mind is possible.
Much like flower arrangements, music and entertainment for Weddings can entail everything and anything that brides want. Some wish to be entertained throughout their big day with prelude music to the ceremony, event music during the Wedding, and reception entertainment for dancing and celebratory fun after the big moment. Others only want prelude music and ceremony music for the wedding. Whatever your desire, each Bed and Breakfast that is a member of our association wants to make sure that your special day is everything you hope it to be. We can accommodate most small bands and musicians for the event. All types of music and entertainers are available in our region, whether you are searching for a vocalist to sing, a harpist to play, or a DJ to get the party started.
We have included in our Weddings section information that will help you plan Outdoor Weddings, Beach Weddings, or any other special type of Wedding. Each Bed and Breakfast we showcase is a spectacular venue to hold Weddings and other events, and most offer specials on Elopement Packages in Florida and deals on Honeymoons in Florida as well. Learn more about these fantastic Romantic Getaways in Florida, and book one for yourself.

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