6 Ways to Enjoy Matanzas River

From nearby state forests and parks to state-of-the-art golf courses to offbeat things to do, the Historic Coast certainly allows for its visitors to stay active and get outdoors. In fact, you don’t have to go far at all if you’re hoping to spend the day outdoors. When you choose the St. Augustine Historic Inns, you’re not only choosing luxury but also convenience. Located within the Historic District, our historic inns are only a few steps from endless outdoor activities which include getting out to enjoy Matanzas River.

St. Augustine’s Spanish settlers, locals, and visitors continue to enjoy Matanzas River.

Exploring Matanzas River was a well-loved pastime of St. Augustine’s original Spanish settlers and continues to be a treat to the locals and visitors of the city today. In fact, there are many unique ways to explore the river which will satisfy all types of itineraries. While some choose to sightsee the historic coast of St. Augustine, others may prefer a day of inshore fishing. Then again, zipping around on a catamaran or jet ski is a sure way to get your blood pumping. If you’ve got a full day of activities already in the works, then there’s always the option of winding down with a sunset dolphin tour.

In the blog below, we’ve broken down a few of the most popular ways to explore Matanzas River. We hope you enjoy it and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Find your historic inn and contact them directly by clicking here.

1. Cast a line or two.

Image contains a closeup shot of hands holding a fishing rod.

Inshore fishing is a great option for those looking for recreational fun on Matanzas River. In fact, Matanzas River is one of the most fertile estuarine waters in the area. You’ll have great luck catching trout, jacks, flounder, redfish, and even ladyfish. The best part is, you’ll have a great view of the city of St. Augustine between casting lines.

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2. Learn about the diverse ecosystem.

Image contains the top portion of a dolphin fin in the water.

As you may have guessed, Matanzas River has a rich and diverse ecosystem. From the clay beds on the outskirts of Matanzas River to various fish to Great Egrets to dolphins, sea turtles, and at times even manatees, you’ll be surprised at the types of animals taking shelter in the bay. Additionally, you can guarantee that your nature tour will be led by an expert guide who will have a wealth of knowledge about your surroundings. For a truly up-close view of the waterway, we recommend booking a kayak tour!

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3. Rent a boat for the day.

Image contains a boat zipping through the water.

To enjoy the Matanzas River on your own time, rent a boat for a full day or half day of fun. Bearing that you have the appropriate licensing, this will allow you to spend whatever amount of time getting to know this unique waterway. Additionally, you’ll still get the unparalleled views you’d get on a sightseeing tour and you can even cast a line for inshore fishing if you’d like!

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4. Sightsee from the bay.

Image contains boats, water, and a large fort.

The beautiful sites of St. Augustine beckon thousands of visitors and locals to wander around the city taking in the Spanish architecture and antique buildings. However, the views from Matanzas River are unparalleled to what you’re able to see with your feet on the ground. When you sightsee from the bay, you get an up-close view of St. Augustine’s most famed sites. These include the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park, the Great Cross located on the grounds of The Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche at Mission Nombre de Dios, the Castillo de San Marcos, and even the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Additionally, the view of the skyline of the Nation’s Oldest City is quite breathtaking as well.

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5. Snuggle up under a sunset or full moon.

Image contains the water, sun, and birds.

The state of Florida is well-loved for its ongoing lineup of unmatched sunrises and sunsets. But if you’ve never seen the sunset or full moon over the Matanzas River you’re missing out! One of the best ways to enjoy the river is to snuggle up with your loved one under the setting sun or under the full moon and stars. Additionally, many of the companies offering these tours will have wine or a cool drink on the boat or encourage you to bring your own. Be sure to check with the tour services ahead of time or for additional accommodations.

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6. Zip around Matanzas River.

Image contains two catamarans pulled onto a sand bank in a river and people.

Calling all adventure-seekers, we promise you will love exploring the Matanzas River on a catamaran or jet ski. Just big enough, yet not as large as the ocean, the Matanzas River is the perfect location to live a little on the wild side. Additionally, there are several spots to beach your watercraft and rest for a while, tide permitting.

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