The Inn Expert

Darlene has been practicing real estate since 1974.  Her experiences over the last 39 years have encompassed  all facets of the business of real estate. Darlene has reached high levels of success as an owner of a real estate agency with more than 30 agents (1978-1991); real estate developer and licensed contractor (1991-1995);home renovations and investor management (1995 – 2001); and in the sales of bed and breakfasts (2000-present).

Darlene has found her passion working with the owners and purchasers of bed and breakfasts. She finds joy in helping people make their dreams come true and it shows. To date she has helped 31 sellers and purchasers of bed and breakfasts.

At present she is a broker and known as The Inn Expert. Her office is located in the heart of uptown Saint Augustine in a building along Malaga Street.

Darlene has run the Agustin Inn, an 18 room bed and breakfast in St Augustine FL.  As an inn owner, Darlene has gained new insight into the purchasing process and the day-to-day operations of a bed and breakfast. This experience is an invaluable asset for both potential purchasers and the sellers of bed and breakfast inns.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me (904) 501-4960 or

B&B Sales History:

2012 to present
Residential sales and commercial lease
At Journeys End              listed

Victorian House:              listed & Sold

Bay-front Marin House:  listed & Sold
Inn On Charlotte:                           Sold
Agustin Inn:                      listed & Sold

Cedar House Inn:             listed & Sold

Casa De La Paz:                listed & Sold
Agustin Inn:                     listed & Sold

Penny Farthing:              listed & Sold
Agustin Inn:                    listed & Sold
Casa Sedona:                                  Sold
Inn on Charlotte:            listed & Sold

Cedar House Inn:          listed & Sold
Casa Blanca:                  listed

44 Spanish St:               listed & Sold
Victorian House:           listed
Casa De La Paz:             listed & Sold
Inn on Charlotte:          listed & Sold
Penny Farthing:            listed & Sold

Black Walnut Inn:                      Sold
Inn on Charlotte:         listed & Sold

Penny Farthing:           listed & Sold
Centennial House:       listed
Inn at Camachee:         listed

Saragossa Inn:              listed & Sold

Casa De La Paz:            listed & Sold

Coquina Gables:           listed & Sold

Coquina Gables:          listed & Sold